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"My experience with Hazen Knives has been a total 5 star all the way around! I have talked to both Mark Hazen and Heather Sheppard and they gave me fantastic advice. I chose the Eli and I have absolutely no regrets.  It is so well made, super sharp out of the box, amazing to handle (no hot spots in the handle) and looks spectacular!  When Mr. Hazen put my cocobolo handle on, he placed the burl in the wood on the handle perfectly!  Also, the sheath is extremely well made and very easy to use!  I took this knife with me on a week long trip to the Boundary Waters where it performed very well.  This is my favorite knife above any of my others!  If I ever need one, Hazen Knives are the best! Thank you Mark and Heather!  Kyle N.

"I contacted Mark to see if he could make me a "Bush knife " I could use not for just one thing but multiple roles for hunting, and he made me a masterpiece. I have used it to make natural turkey blinds, skin turkey, cut wood for  a camp fire,  shooting sticks, and shooting lanes. The knife is easy to handle, extremely sharp and best of all no sore spots in your hand even after hard use. It's a knife I always carry to the field."  Shannon W.

"Best knife I have ever owned. I have never seen a knife with this amount of quality put into the fit and finish. Mr. Hazen will definitely get more of my business."  Johnnie D.

 "I am so glad to hear that you have come out of retirement, and are making knives again!  I have five of your knives and the fit and finish is beyond anything I have seen.  They are up there with the fine English shotguns I own.  Unbelievable craftsmanship!!!!  And the edges are beyond compare.  They are truly razor sharp.  Saving up to get one of your new Recons.  That is one awesome knife!  Keep up the great work and best of luck to you.  I'll be in touch."    Mike H.

"Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you what I think about the Filet knife I ordered from you.  UNBELIEVABLE!!!!  I have never held a knife this well balanced and the edge is crazy sharp.  It goes through a kingfish like, well, a hot knife through soft butter.  I used to dread cleaning my catch, but now I actually look forward to it.  Never thought I'd say that...could not be happier.  Thanks again for an awesome knife."  D.S.

 "This is the most versatile and well made field knife I have ever handled.  Mark Hazen truly honors the service and heroic action of MSG Tony Pryor, first Silver Star winner, Afghanistan, 5th Special Forces Group, with his world-class craftsmanship." Steve M.

"Greatest knife I have ever owned!  Did not know a knife could be this sharp.  Will pop the hairs off my arm.  Workmanship through the roof!  Thanks again."  H.G.

 "I am impressed. Excellence, Honor, & the wisdom to know that whatever you put your name to becomes your legacy."     Bradley S.

"This was one of my first sportsman knives from Hazen Knives, and I can't say enough about it!  I primarily use mine when fishing, but it has come in very handy on multiple occasions while hiking and camping, here in Florida.  It's perfectly balanced and feels like it was made for my hand, pass it onto my husband with his big hands and it fits him just as perfect.  This is such a comfortable knife, very sharp, and it's the perfect size to carry; the sheath is an excellent and rather comfortable side carry bonus!  One of the best investments we have made.  Thank you, Hazen Knives, for yet another flawless masterpiece." 
Shannon Sterou

 "Great knife!!!  This was my first Hazen knife and I was not disappointed.  The quality is far superior to others I have seen.  I will be buying another!"

"I just received a knife I ordered from Mark Hazen, a knife maker from North Carolina.  Let me say that this maker is certainly one of the unsung pro's working in the knife making trade today!!  He does not get a lot of notoriety, but he should!  I got one of his boot knives.  I can shave with this knife, it is that sharp...I compare the edge to a Chris Reeves Project II that I have...both are scary scalpel sharp!!  His knives are great...grinds are as hell...handle is contoured beautifully and the bead blasting is even steven.  If you do order a knife from him...BE CAREFUL of the edge...I can't state this enough...they are razor sharp."