About Us

In August of 1976, Mark Hazen started his career as a custom knife maker.  At that time,  he could not afford to purchase a custom knife, so he decided to make his own.   That's when it all began.  Initially, Mark made knives for his friends and eventually, his creative talent was sought after by customers throughout the world.  In 2007, Mark Hazen retired, and in 2013 he came out of retirement by making a knife in honor of his fallen friend, MSG Robert Horrigan, a Special Forces Operator stationed at Fort Bragg, NC.  In 2014, Mark Hazen partnered with Heather Sheppard and together they formed Hazen Knives, LLC.

Hazen Knives, LLC, located in Monroe, NC, handcrafts sportsman/outdoor knives, oyster knives and kitchen cutlery.  We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity, quality and excellent customer service.  Our goal is to produce a knife that is highly functional, made only from USA made premium materials with exceptional fit, finish and feel.  The edge and blade geometry is engineered into each blade for optimal performance and the ergonomically designed handles are specifically contoured to give a comfortable and confident grip.

All the knives produced at Hazen Knives go through a 3-phase testing process to ensure that each knife meets uncompromising quality standards.  Each batch of steel is tested since all are not exactly the same.  One knife is made from each new batch and is rigorously tested by chopping through a 2X4 piece of lumber and cleanly slicing through a piece of 20 lb. paper.  If the hardness and edge retention meet the standards of phase one, the cutting test,  then the testing continues to phase two, the comfort test and phase three, the fit and finish test.